Create Your Ultimate Bride-to-Be Prep Kit

Every bride wants to look and feel her best on her big day, so we’ve put together a stress-free guide to pre-wedding pampering. 

Weddings are joyous celebrations of love but, as many married women and brides-to-be will agree, planning one can be overwhelming! Rather than letting your bridal beauty preparation add to these stresses, turn it into a journey of wellness and indulgence that will keep you calm, pampered and feeling ready to step out into the spotlight.

Give your skin a drink…


Hydrated skin is healthy skin, so invest in a moisturising mask to soothe your complexion and unleash its natural glow.

A clay treatment might not seem like the obvious choice here as they can be typically quite drying but Bloomtown's Blue Clay and Indigo Leaf Mask is a bit special. Created using a blue bentonite base, it contains plant glycerin and coconut extract, so you won’t have this problem. In fact, it’s jam-packed with natural goodness and 100% allergen-free; your complexion will be greedy for more!

Each 60ml jar gives 25-30 applications, so try applying the mask once a week, a few months before the big day.

Be a water baby….

Never underestimate the power of a relaxing bath, especially if your mind is buzzing with bridesmaid fittings, table settings and bouquet designs.

Taking twenty minutes to an hour to just close your eyes and soak can make you feel like a whole new woman. Make sure your bathroom is clutter-free and clean and have some fluffy towels to hand, then dim the lights and light a couple of candles; try Bloomtown's Rose Garden Botanical Wax Candle. The fragrance is light, uplifting and just what you need after a long day.


Then you just need the final touch. Sprinkle some Pink Himalayan Salt Soakinto the water for a truly indulgent experience - Bloomtown's mineral rich formula is enriched with Vitamin E, so your skin will be silky smooth and beautifully nourished. Not only that but the gorgeous scent will help you to drift away into complete relaxation. 

Perfect your pout…

 When you’re rushing to get everything sorted, little self-care details can fall by the wayside. Something as simple as looking after your lips can ensure you’re feeling your best, especially if you’re planning a winter wedding!

Stress and the effects of the elements can have a real impact on our skin, and our lips are no exception. Make sure yours are in tip-top shape and ready for your first kiss as married couple by keeping a little pot of moisturising magic in your handbag at all times.



Bloomtown's Avo Mint balm is made with cold-pressed organic avocado oil and sweet almond oil among other lovely things, ensuring it’s natural and 100% vegan; a seriously sweet treat for your smile! Apply regularly - it’s perfect for daytime wear as it gives a beautiful glossy sheer shine, and can be worn over lipstick too.


A handy hint…

It’s not just our lips that can get overlooked when it comes to skincare - our hardworking hands are also often forgotten! Considering they’re subjected to all kinds of work and weather, we think they deserve a little TLC too, don’t you?

If you’re thinking of getting a professional manicure for your wedding, or simply planning a coat of nail colour at home, make sure the rest of your hands are looking (and feeling!) their best by investing in a gentle hand wash. Bloomtown's SLS-Free Organic Hand & Body Wash comes in a variety of signature fragrances and is ideal for paws in need of pampering.The Blood Orange and Pink Grapefruit scent is gorgeously refreshing and uplifting, and doubles up as a body wash too, making it a real bathroom essential.

 Don’t forget to moisturise with the matching Body and Bath Oil afterwards, your hands will thank you for it, we promise!

Have a good scrub… 


Whatever season you’re getting married in, one thing’s for certain - your skin will only look glowing and bright if you’ve sloughed all those dead cells away. There’s nothing quite like a good exfoliating session to reveal gorgeously silky smooth skin, and we’ve got just the thing.

 If you’ve never tried a sugar scrub before, you’ll be wondering why you left it so long as soon as you’ve given it a go - honestly it’s life changing or should we say, skin-changing! While sugar may be considered bad for you diet-wise, when it comes to buffing your body, it comes top of our list.

 Crafted with fine British sugar and an array of plant oils and botanical ingredients, Bloomtown's multi-award-winning Sugar Scrubs are perfectly balanced and free from all the nasties like micro-beads and palm oil.

 Choose from a range of signature scents or opt for fragrance-free with our soothing Blue Clay & Indigo Leaf scrub.

Full ingredients can be found on all product pages if you’d like to know more.  Enjoy wedding season!


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