Earth Day 2021

This year's theme for Earth Day is "Restore Our Earth" - we know it can sometimes feel overwhelming to take action, but has some really easy tips on how you can make a difference, here are our favourites:

#1 Participate in a Cleanup


If you love and are able to spend time outdoors, combine this with a clean-up to collect plastic pollution & rubbish. Visit Great Global Cleanup for more info on how you can take part, either alone or in a group.

#2 Grow your own

Is there anything more satisfying than growing your own veg? Here are some great resources for newbies, kids & anyone short on space. Our founder, Preya, recommends buying heirloom and heritage seeds from, also a great resource for learning how to save seeds to replant next season.

#3 Eat more plants

You don't have to be vegan or even vegetarian to make a real difference - a growing trend towards "flexitarianism" is a delicious way to address climate change by adding more plant-based meals to your diet and reducing your meat and dairy intake. If you're stuck on what to make, check out some plant-based recipes - you'll be spoilt for choice!

#4 Turn Off & Unplug

Turn off the lights when you leave a room, and make sure to unplug appliances when they're not in use. Certain appliances, such as TVs, phone chargers, and computers draw significant amounts of energy even when idle.

#5 Go Deforestation-Free

Support organisations that are working to prevent deforestation and plant trees, and choose deforestation-free options. Learn more at The Canopy Project

Bloomtown is proud to be certified by The Orangutan Alliance, who are leading the way to protect rainforest habitats and fight climate change.
Happy Earth Day 2021, together we can restore our planet

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