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We all remember that first day of summer, be it the first morning where you don’t have to put the heating on or as you step off a plane onto warmer soil. Either way, that day means one thing for your legs- they’re coming out! As a shaver and not a waxer, I like to spend a little extra time getting those perfect summer legs, and these three key Bloomtown products can show you the way to enlightenment as well as super sexy legs. 


Step One: Pink Himalayan Salt Soak

Summer heat and spending a lot of time on your feet can cause swelling in your calves, ankles and feet, not a great look for when you're trying to show off your summer legs! Being pregnant during the hot months has not helped with this, so I’m reaching for Bloomtown’s Pink Himalayan Salt Soak in The Grove scent, a refreshing blend of Blood Orange & Pink Grapefruit.


Add to warm water (if you are struggling with hot temperatures, just soak your lower limbs) and soak for 20 mins for best results. The soak will ease away your troubles and help to begin the perfect summer leg process.

Key ingredients and benefits: mineral-rich salts which are proven to help reduce swelling. Relaxing/nourishing properties as they contain sweet almond oil and Vitamin E so they won't dry out your skin.


Step Two: 3-in-1 Exfoliating, Cleansing & Moisturising Sugar Scrub

Bloomtown's award-winning scrub helps prep skin before shaving and is gentle enough to use post-shave too, creating a smooth look. I like to apply my Woods Scrub with a flat spoon to keep my nails scrub-free! The scrub contains British-grown sugar and soothing natural clays, no micro-beads, and it rinses off easily, leaving your skin soft and hydrated.




Slightly dampen legs; apply a small amount of scrub and gently rub into skin using circular motions.  Rinse with warm water.  Pat dry.


Key ingredients and benefits: mango and shea butter, cutting edge coconut extract which is proven to moisturise skin.  


Step Three: Nourishing Body & Bath Oil


Apply in place of lotion to create a polished, healthy glow without greasiness.


I use two pumps of The Rose Garden Oil on each leg, which smells and feels amazing.


Top tip alert! The oil can be blended with a bronzer or highlighter (or even a little foundation) to create a gorgeous glow, especially for a night out!


Key ingredients and benefits: sweet almond, sesame and meadowfoam oils + vitamin E. Beautifully scented but not overpowering.


I don’t know about you, but the results are blooming marvellous thanks to Bloomtown’s three step method. I’ll be having my perfect summer legs out from dawn to dusk!




Saharasplash is a London-based lifestyle blogger with a passion for freefrom and hand-crafted products made in the UK. She is currently expecting her first child later on this year, find her at Saharasplash.

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