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Amazon Rainforest 70% Drinking Chocolate

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Rio Nuevo is a Cornish company working to improve the lives of farmers in Ecuador and fight poverty with their direct-trade, hand-crafted chocolate. Read more about them on their website

Variety : Arriba Nacional.

Origin: Tena, Ecuador.

With notes of raspberry, persimmon and mandarin.

Rio Nuevo has partnered with 13 indigenous communities from the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador to bring you this delicious drinking chocolate with a fruity flavour profile unique to the Arriba Nacional variety, exclusive to Ecuador and considered to be the oldest and finest cacao variety in the world. 

The cacao produced by these communities from the Tena region is grown in the traditional Kichwa agroforestry method, helping to restore and preserve the rainforest biodiversity. 

Rio Nuevo's Direct Trade model relies on 100% transparency and traceability and fuels our goal to better the lives of our farmers and their environment. Your purchase aids them in this mission – thank you! 

Weight: 250 grams

Ingredients: cocoa beans, unrefined cane sugar. cocoa butter.

Nutrition facts per 100g: 2213kJ (532kcal), Fat: 33g (saturates: 24g), Carbohydrates: 46g (sugars: 30g), Protein: 9.2g, Salt: 0.18g 

Vegan friendly.

WARNING: Produced in a kitchen that also handles nuts.


Amazon Rainforest 70% Drinking Chocolate