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Bloomtown Ethical Policies

Please find our current policies described below.  We're currently in the process of applying for Cruelty Free International & Soil Association Organic certifications -- yay!


Bloomtown’s Palm Oil Policy

  • Bloomtown does not use palm oil in any of its products due to the environmental destruction and animal cruelty caused by current palm oil cultivation practices and the lack of true accountability and oversight by and of the palm oil industry.
  • Bloomtown does not use any ingredient derived from palm oil, including but not limited to ingredients listed herein.  
  • Bloomtown believes that in order to by truly cruelty-free, it must be 100% palm oil-free.  
  • Bloomtown's mission is to be industry leaders and innovators in developing effective and nourishing products that are completely free from palm oil and utilise only sustainable, ethically harvested ingredients.


Bloomtown’s Animal Ingredients and Testing Policy


  • Bloomtown does not use any animal-derived ingredients in any of its products or during any point of manufacture, except for ethically harvested organic beeswax.  Bloomtown will be phasing out the use of beeswax in its lip balms by the end of 2017.
  • Bloomtown does not test any ingredient or final product on animals.
  • Bloomtown does not purchase any materials that have been tested on animals at any point during the manufacturing process. 
  • Bloomtown does not sell its products anywhere that requires animal testing. 


Bloomtown’s Environmental Policy


  • Bloomtown uses recycled/recyclable materials and packaging wherever possible in order to reduce its environmental impact. 
  • Bloomtown uses biodegradable packaging peanuts and bubble wrap to reduce its plastic waste. 



Bloomtown’s Ethical Purchasing Policy


  • Bloomtown purchases its materials and packaging from companies that have a fair trade / ethical workplace policy in place. 
  • Bloomtown does not purchase any supplies or materials that have been produced in sweatshops.


Bloomtown’s Giving Back Policy


  • Bloomtown proudly donates 10% of its yearly profits to environmental and animal rescue charities. 


Bloomtown's Green-Washing Policy

  • Bloomtown aims to offer clear and scientifically accurate information about its products, avoiding meaningless catch phrases, buzzwords or other deliberately manipulative language that misleads or causes unfounded fear or worry in consumers.


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