Bloomtown Guest Blogger Collaborations

For our first year of existence, our blog was in a sorry state of neglect and self-pity, people! Alone, subsisting for months at a time on meagre rations of content. Afraid.  But guess who’s got a navigation tab of its own now? That’s right! The Bloomtown Blog is back in business! And who better to spruce up a sorry blog than our many blogger friends?  We’ve nurtured so many lovely relationships with the blogging community and keep forging new ones every day.  We’d love to feature your killer writing, stylish photos and overall on fleekiness on our humble little section of the Internets.

We’re looking to feature useful content that's geared towards our customers, in terms of offering them advice on how to use our products, lifestyle tips and tricks, etc.  We’d like to keep it fresh, simple, smart and original…no recycled photos, no lazy links to recipes, no clichés (I think we know all the uses of coconut oil now, thanks Pinterest!).

We can sometimes offer a small fee in exchange for content, photos & video, in addition to any products used for the post FREE OF CHARGE. Generally, we are happy to supply 1 product per 300 words of content. Longer, in-depth pieces welcome, but must be relevant.  For more details on compensation, please refer to the specifics of the brief.

We’re a rapidly growing company that's generating quite a bit of buzz, if we might say so ourselves.  As I write this (July 2017), we’ve only been in existence for just over a year, yet we’ve won FreeFrom's Best Skincare Brand Award, beating our Neal's Yard Remedies, in addition to individual products awards + 3 Beauty Shortlist Awards. We credit our success to our solid ethical credentials and our passion for creating products that not only work but make you feel (and smell) amazing.  We’d truly love for you to be a part of our journey and share in our achievements!

If featured, your blog post will include your name, short bio and a link back to your site/social media; it will be featured on our website blog as well as shared via our email newsletter and social media channels. However, due to google penalising for repetitive content, you will NOT be able to use the same post on your blog. You WILL be able to link to it from your blog and share it freely, and you will be able to do your own reviews and write-ups about our products.

We will often have active briefs that you can apply for, but If you have another idea for a post, we’re all ears!  Here are some that we came up with in a brainstorming session one afternoon while our cats snoozed on our laps, just to give you a sense of the kind of posts we’re looking to do (or perhaps have done…depending on when you’re reading this!):

 -A piece about an ingredient that’s good for you inside and out (and can be found in our products: fermented radish, for example -or mango, rosehip seed, raw cacao… so many to choose from!) – would include a recipe, fun for foodies!  We’d actually love to make this a monthly feature.

-Ingredients to avoid (our products are FREE FROM all the nasties, post could highlight a few notable examples: palm oil, SLS, parabens, etc.

-Video: Inventive ways to use our products / tips and tricks (Body oil for makeup remover, or mixing it with liquid bronzer or shimmer for an all over glow)

 -A post that is not strictly about our products but is still relevant to our customers (we could either adjust the fee or provide some freebies) Example: how to create a beautiful flat-lay -- could incorporate our products + other props.

 The sky's the limit! Have a look through our site and our products, and think of yourself…what kind of content would you find useful?  What kinds of posts would you visit our blog to read?

 Please note: To be considered, your writing needs to be of excellent quality (no exceptions!) and your photos need to be sharp, well-lit, beautifully framed and with a lifestyle feel to them.  If your writing or photography aren’t up to scratch, please visit our collaborations page to learn about other ways we can work together!

 To apply, please fill out the form below, including your specific post idea, 100-word sample of your writing + link to 2-3 examples of your photography. Please note that we get tons of submissions, so please help us out by being as detailed and specific as possible.  Simply telling us that you loooove or want to try such and such product is not enough!  We never post reviews of our products on our blog, so any pitches that begin with wanting to write a review about one or more of our products will not be considered.  In general, a great a pitch should begin with an engaging idea, not a list of products you'd like to try.

 If you need help writing a pitch, see here.  

Ready?  Send us a pitch!

If we like your pitch, we'll get back to you to discuss particulars.